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Welcome to Our Four Forks.  We are four sisters and food is important to us. Growing up, you could probably count on one hand the nights we didn’t eat dinner together as a family. “May I be excused?” was required for dinnertime escape and often the answer was “No.” We believe we’re better because of this.

These days, we are scattered; I’m in Boston, Patricia’s in Ecuador, Isabel’s in Ithaca and Miranda is on Long Island. But our conversations about food continue throughout the year; we rarely check in about relationships, work, or anything other than what we’re cooking. This corner of the internet has been a goal of ours for some time now.

This blog is a documentary exploration of what we eat today, where it comes from and who produces it. Our recipes focus on real, whole foods and vegetables usually rule the plate; whether you’re vegan or paleo, most people agree on their dietary importance. That said, you’ll also find recipes here using grass-fed and pastured meat, whole grains, legumes and unrefined sugars. Most of our recipes are gluten-free as we both try to limit our daily gluten intake. You can read more about our food philosophy here.



I’m a photographer and multimedia producer currently based in Boston, MA. My love for photography and healthy, wholesome food took root growing up on eastern Long Island, which is where I lived before calling New York City, Ghana, Syracuse, London and Portland (OR) home for varying periods of time. After earning my M.S. in multimedia from Syracuse University, I interned at The Oregonian and have since produced work for NYC non-profits, magazines and newspapers. I also occasionally shoot weddings. You can now find me over living the #saladlife at Loveleaf Co. Can’t wait to see you there!


I remember being interested in food from a young age when I would help my mom cook, although that often only entailed peeling garlic. But, my interest in agriculture and the food system truly began in the summer of 2011 when I worked at Balsam Farm on eastern Long Island. Following that, in my senior year of high school, I did a project on honeybees, which spurred an interest in agriculture’s relationship to the environment. Now I’m in Ithaca, NY studying Agriculture Science at Cornell University. The past few years I have been adamant about healthy eating (vegetarian and mostly vegan) and you can normally find me in the kitchen, either eating, baking, making dinner or making tea.


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