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Happy Spring!

When I started Our Four Forks with my sisters in 2013, we wanted to create a space where we could explore the wide world of wholesome food and share what we found with other good-food-fans like yourself.

Over time, the space grew and shifted.  We added wonderful community members and ate some excellent dishes.  But the central commitment to wholesome, good food never changed. And today, I am excited to introduce you to the next generation of that commitment: Loveleaf Co.  

Loveleaf Co’s message is simple: to encourage health with intention by eating one salad a day.

We’re not into diet salads or #bikiniprep bowls; our recipes are designed to be full and nourishing meals, filled with fresh ingredients that will make you feel great. To kick off our launch, we’re hosting a free 7 Day Salad Reset and I’d love for you to join. When you sign-up, you get a free shopping list, a week of recipes, and tips to become a healthier you. All recipes are gluten-free, paleo and vegan-friendly. Click here to join.

And be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @loveleafco.

For the time being, we’re going to continue to hold on updating Our Four Forks and focus our energy on salads. You’ll still be able to access all of the great recipes on Our Four Forks, but I hope you’ll join me and become part of the growing community over at Loveleaf.

See you on the salad side!

Loveleaf Co. 7 Day Salad Reset| Simplicity Through Salad


Coconut Milk Creamsicles

Vegan Creamsicles |

It’s full out wedding season and I went to Long Island this weekend for my good friend’s bridal shower. I was responsible for the drinks, so I picked up a case of wine, a case of champagne and orange juice for mimosas. Mimosas are a drink I’ve never really thought much about – I’m not a big juice or champagne person, but for some reason this weekend they were perfect.


The fresh orange juice in the mimosas made me crave more, so my sister and I made these vegan creamsicles with coconut milk and orange juice. Milk and citrus is always a weird thing at first, but using coconut milk – as opposed to dairy – makes it a bit less strange and ultimately delicious. We opted to go the pretty (versus practical) route and freeze individual layers, but this takes some time and makes the creamsicles more likely to break apart at the “fault” lines. An alternative (not pictured) would be to simply mix the coconut milk and orange juice and freeze together.


Vegan Creamsicles |

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