Cucumber Melon Salsa

Cucumber Melon Salsa |

When I started this blog in January, I created a blogging schedule. I committed to writing two posts a week and I’m embarrassed to say that in June that commitment was overshadowed by other commitments (like giving a speech at a best friend’s wedding, spending time at the beach with family, and just cooking without documenting). Instead of being stressed about neglecting this space for a couple of weeks, I’m telling myself I’m ok with it.


As Molly at Orangette put it so eloquently: a blog can be a barometer for one’s life. If I don’t post for a couple weeks it means I didn’t feel like it, I failed to properly plan, or I was doing things that trump blogging. And it’s summer, so that’s ok.


As I mentioned earlier this month, Josh and I are members of Stone Soup Farm CSA. Every Wednesday we get a bunch of fresh vegetables and last week cilantro was included. I usually just throw cilantro into salads or use them for Mexican inspired dishes, but this week we had melon in the fridge that I wanted to use up. I’ve always loved mango salsa, but had never tried melon salsa much less cucumber melon salsa. A quick internet search led me to this recipe, which became my inspiration.


Cucumber melon salsa is a refreshing new twist on summer salsa. Eat it with chips, put it on top of fish, burgers or in tacos. Fresh, sweet, slightly spicy, and healthy, cucumber melon salsa is super simple to throw together for any summer meal.


Cucumber Melon Salsa |

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