Potato Cakes with Bacon and Smoked Salmon + A Giveaway

Potato Cakes with Bacon and Smoked Salmon | ourfourforks.com | #glutenfree #paleo #dairyfree #recipe

“To be interested in food but not in food production is clearly absurd.”

– Wendell Berry

I met Diana Rodgers after an e-mail exchange about producing short films about food. Having just moved to New England, I travelled to her farm last spring, 25 miles outside of Boston, not knowing what to expect. What I found was a quintessential New England farm straight from a storybook; dogs running about, chickens grazing, kids coming and going. Clark Farm, run by Diana and her husband Andrew, is a real food paradise.

I had the pleasure of producing the trailer for Diana’s new book, the Homegrown Paleo Cookbook. It was during this filming that I learned more about Diana’s mission in life; to educate people about the positive effects of sustainably grown and raised food, not only on our bodies, but on the world.



As she mentions in the trailer, this book is for everyone interested in eating healthy food, not just those with a farm or following a paleo diet. Vegans, vegetarians, people living in the city or the suburbs can benefit from the information in this book. Not only is it a cookbook, full of seasonal recipes, but it is also a guide to eating well and producing great food. Beekeeping, starting a small garden, nutrition, choosing the best meat at the grocery store: it’s all covered.

There are so many amazing recipes in this cookbook (all gluten free and beautifully photographed by Heidi Murphy of White Loft Studio), it was difficult to choose which one to share here. I decided on Diana’s potato cakes with bacon and smoked salmon and I’m glad I did. They were delicious.

Homegrown Paleo Cookbook | Diana Rodgers | #paleo #glutenfree | http://www.ourfourforks.com/potato-cakes

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Roasted Green Beans with Vinegary Dill Sauce

Roasted Green Beans with Vinegary Dill Sauce | ourfourforks.com

I’ve never been a huge fan of green beans. They used to be that vegetable that I ate because they were cheap at the farmers market, not hating them but never fully enjoying them. Until these roasted green beans changed my life. I don’t know why it had never occurred to me to roast green beans before, but if you’re like me and somehow missed the memo on this one, go roast some now.


In this version of roasted green beans, the beans are covered in a vinegary dill sauce, a type of pesto made with roasted almonds, dill, parsley and scallions. The vinegar makes the sauce taste more like a dressing, which is the perfect flavor for a summer side dish. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d imagine the dill sauce would also be the perfect compliment to grilled chicken, fish (like salmon) or even steak.


Roasted Green Beans with Vinegary Dill Sauce | ourfourforks.com

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