Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes + Pecan Crunch

Gluten Free Pumpkin Donuts with Pecan Crunch | ourfourforks.com

A pumpkin spice post is predictable, but also obligatory. The other night, inspired by the weather (and Pinterest), I set out to make some paleo, gluten free pumpkin donuts. I attempted to fry them in coconut oil and while the flavor and texture were spot on, the frying part didn’t work out so well (burned outside, gooey inside). Since I don’t have a donut pan, I was hesitant to try baked donuts until I remembered donut holes.


These gluten free pumpkin donuts taste like real, old-fashioned “apple cider style” donuts. They are baked, but lightly coated in coconut oil first to get that classic donut flavor (without being quite so heavy). They are also sweetened only with dates, but you’d never know.


The glaze and pecan crunch are completely optional. For a nut-free version, simply make the gluten free pumpkin donuts, lightly coat in coconut oil again after baking and roll in cinnamon sugar. If you have a donut pan, I assume you could shape the dough into the molds and bake. Let me know if you try this out!


Gluten Free Pumpkin Donuts with Pecan Crunch | ourfourforks.com

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