Vegan Eggnog French Toast

Vegan Eggnog French Toast |

French toast isn’t something I make often for a couple of reasons. It seems complicated – more so than pancakes or waffles, though I can’t figure out my logic here – and too heavy for just an ordinary breakfast.


This vegan eggnog french toast debunks those beliefs, especially if you have some extra vegan eggnog smoothie on hand. Simply dredge some gluten free bread in healthy eggnog, lightly brown on both sides in a skillet and – done: vegan eggnog french toast.


I made my vegan eggnog french toast using the master bread recipe from Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (if you’re gluten free, get this book!), substituting the four egg whites with two flax eggs. To make the loaf, I used the gluten free flour blend demonstrated on the Gluten Free Girl blog. Any gluten free bread should work, but I’d suggest a heartier bread rather than something pre-sliced.


For this recipe, I used some extra vegan eggnog smoothie (which I made with Vega’s new protein powder), but other eggnog recipes should also work.


Vegan Eggnog French Toast |

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