Loaded Greek Sweet Potato Fries

Loaded Greek Sweet Potato Fries | ourfourforks.com

When it comes to quick weeknight meals, I tend to go through regional phases of cooking in the most stereotypically American sense (a bit embarrassing). For a month or more I’ll make “Mexican” food – simple salads or tacos seasoned with cumin, cilantro and avocado, topped with salsa. Then I may move onto “Italian” for a couple weeks; spaghetti squash pasta, eggplant parmesan, pizzas, etc. until I run out of Josh’s tomato sauce.


This month has been all about “Greek” food. The phase began with a simple desire for grass-fed lamb and we’re only in the middle of it. These loaded Greek fries pile on all my favorite elements of Americanized Greek cuisine: oregano sweet potato fries topped with spiced lamb meat, tzatziki sauce, fresh tomatoes, feta and pickled red onions. They’re a perfect, satisfying and healthy alternative to greasy summer food.


Loaded Greek Sweet Potato Fries | ourfourforks.com

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Lamb Meatballs with Tahini Sauce, Fajita Style

Lamb Meatball Fajitas with Tahini Sauce | ourfourforks.comOttolenghi (like the Rose Bakery) is one of those restaurants I was obsessed with before even going to London. My sisters and I gave each other copies of the cookbooks Jerusalem, Ottolenghi and Plenty for multiple holidays and birthdays and I’m pretty sure we’ve covered most recipes between the four of us.


Although Yotam Ottolenghi is most famous for his vegetarian food – which is actually good because he’s not scared of fat, carbs or spices – I love his meat recipes too. Full of Middle Eastern spices, these gluten-free lamb meatballs have great flavor which, together with the peppers, onions and tahini sauce, form a different type of fajita. Inspired to use ground lamb by my meat CSA, these little meatballs are great both on and off the tortilla.


Lamb Meatball Fajitas with Tahini Sauce | ourfourforks.com

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Moroccan Shepherd’s Pie With Sweet Potato

Moroccan Shepherd's Pie with Sweet Potato | Our Four Forks

Isabel and I have talked about our food philosophy before. Although we don’t like to label ourselves there is one fact we can’t avoid: Isabel doesn’t eat meat and I do. Other than that (seemingly big) difference, we are on the same page about what we consume. We both try to make high quality plants a priority (vegetables rule the plate), put an emphasis on nutrient density and limit our consumption of gluten.