Kombucha Margaritas

Kombucha Margarita | ourfourforks.com

It’s almost Cinco de Mayo and it feels nothing like May or the time for summery drinks. But I had plans to blog about a kombucha margarita and I am following through with those plans, margarita in hand.


I discovered my love for margaritas under equally freakish weather conditions. Does anyone remember the warmest St. Patrick’s Day known to man? It was 2012, I was living in Syracuse and it was 80 degrees. Though I’ve travelled a lot, it was in Syracuse (of all places) on St. Patrick’s Day (of all holidays) that I discovered how much a good – not too sweet – margarita hits the spot.


I’ve always liked to add a splash of sparkling water to my margarita but since I’ve been on a kombucha kick lately, I’ve added that here instead. The kombucha makes this margarita a bit fizzy, tangy and tart: properties I’ve always liked in an alcoholic drink. Kombucha also adds an extra element of health which, of course, means you can enjoy more than one.


Kombucha Margarita | ourfourforks.com

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