Grain-Free Pumpkin Granola

Grain-Free Pumpkin Granola with Almond MilkWhen I moved back East from Portland, Oregon with a suitcase full of nuts and seeds, I didn’t have grain-free pumpkin granola in mind. I just couldn’t handle the idea of leaving my random bags of nuts, seeds and flours behind. So I packed them. One of my favorite things in the world are bulk bins. And if there was a single reason to move back to Portland it would be that bulk bins are everywhere. Not just in whole foods or health food stores; you’d be hard pressed to find any grocery store that didn’t have a bulk section.

My souvenirs from the West Coast were bulk bin items; one of my suitcases had nothing other than a Vitamix, nuts and seeds. This bi-coastal obsession with bulk bins has led to very crowded cabinets; many jars of nuts, seeds and flours stored in random, usually inconvenient, quantities. Out of oatmeal and feeling the pumpkin frenzy that occurs at this time of year, I decided to make a grain-free, oil-free granola, full of fall flavor (and make room in my cabinets). This recipe is highly adaptable; stick with the wet to dry proportions, but feel free to substitute any nuts or seeds you have on hand.

Grain-Free Pumpkin Granola Ingredients

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